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. for what purpose does the gentleman from florida seek recognition? >> i have an amendment at the desk. the chair: will the gentleman please send his amendment to he desk? the chair: the clerk will report the amendment. the clerk: amendment offered by mr. murphy of florida. at the end of the bill, before the short title, add the following new section. section, none of the funds made available by this act may be used to maintain -- mr. murphy: i ask unanimous consent that the bill be considered as read. the chair: there's an objection. the clerk: none of the funds made available by this act may be used to maintain or improve department of defense rural property with a zero percent utilization rate according to the database, except in the case of maintenance of an historic property as required by the national historic preservation act, 16, u.s.c., 470, or maintenance to prevent a negative environmental impact as required by the national environmental policy act of 1969, 42, u.s.c., 4321. the chair: the gentleman from florida and a member opposed each will control five minutes. the chair
la florida al momento de detener a una conductora que iba a exceso de velocidad. los tres perros que viajaban en el vehÍculo saltaron de manera defensiva le clavaron y los dientes algo uniformado tres veces. el agente echÓ a correr para huir de los canes la dueÑa fue citada por el el departamento de control de animales. >> una maestra fue apuÑalada por un agresor sexual convicto mientras se encontraba en una habitaciÓn repleta de de delincuentes. el ataque ocurriÓ en enero en una cÁrcel que albergue a 1300 veladores, pederastas y otros delincuentes sexuales. un puÑetazo brutal a una empleado en aquel embarazada el golpe fue tal que la vÍctima no pudo sostenerse en pie luego le exigiÓ que el entregara el dinero de la caja registradora inmediatamente fue arrestado. >> aterradora fue la experiencia de un joven de 15 aÑos en pennsylvania sorprendiÓ a una banda de ladrones que funciona en su hogar. los delincuentes decidieron secuestrar al adolescente que tuvo que llamar a su familia para entregar el dinero y las joyas. los responsables siguen prÓfugos. >> estÁ vivo de milag
, if you have a consumer problem, give us a call, 888-5-helps-u. >>> a florida traffic camera caught an unbelievable accident involving a motorcycle!! take a look at this. the rider does almost look like a cartwheel after he was hit by a car at the intersection. even more surprising, the motorcyclist stood up after doing the midair flips. he is okay despite no protective equipment. the driver of the car was cited for making illegal turns. >>> the wife of donald sterling is accusing her husband of death threats in their latest courtroom showdown. today a judge denied shelly sterling's request to keep her husband from contacting witnesses in the case against him. sterling is trying to sell the clippers despite her husband's objections. she says he threatened to "take out" one of her lawyers and left hostile voice messages that to two doctors who diagnosed him as mentally incapacitated. >> how dare you give my medical records for my head to a law firm who hires you? you and the lawyer got together to try to establish that i was unable to perform. i'm more able to perform than you are! y
a contract. pick a tie. take a break with mr. duck. practice up for the business trip. fly to florida. win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. >>> the white house is losing faith in the one person key to solving iraq's crisis. prime minister nuri al maliki. the longtime opponent of saddam hughes san once had the support of both presidents bush and obama. maliki now out of favor. tom foreman's out front. >> reporter: amid the turmoil in iraq, washington is talking about military help, but prime minister nuri al maliki better not count on political reinforcements, instead president obama has a clear message for maliki and his allies. >> right now is a moment where the fate of iraq hangs in the balance. and the test for all of them is going to be whether they can overcome the mistrust, the deep sectarian divisions. >> reporter: roll back to 2011 and listen to the difference. >> you have a strong and enduring partner in the uni
of florida, ted cruz of texas and mike lee of utah are among the speakers at the faith and freedom coalition's annual policy conference in washington, d.c. also speaking to the gathering were u.n. ambassador john bolton and former u.s. representative alan west. faith and freedom coalition founder ralph reed opens the event. it's about 90 minutes. >> it's my great privilege to introduce our first speaker of today's program. senator mike lee, who is a great champion for our principles, our values, and has been a tireless advocate for the constitutional principles upon which our nation was founded. mike lee graduated from his undergraduate education at brigham young university. he also graduated from byu law school. he was in private practice for several years where he specialized in appellate and supreme court litigation. he clerked for then circuit court judge samuel alito in the third circuit prior to samuel alito's elevation to the supreme court. he served as the assistant u.s. attorney in salt lake city. he was an aide to governor jon huntsman. when he decided to run for the u.s. senate in
in 2012 in a mexican prison it was a cartel haven, and tom in florida, my solution to question of what to do with illegal children crossing the border bring them on embassy or consulate of their country first them to deal with it thank you, all authors of tonight's comments receive a free copy of my novel, border war, keep comments coming, e-mail me at loudobbs.com, and follow u folln twitter. and our facebook page. that is it for us, here tomorrow aways and means com committee member, diane black, and andrew mccarty, and steve "forbes." be with us, good night from new york. but with less ergy, moodiness, i had to do something. i saw mdoctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the onlynderarm low t treaent that can restore t vels to normal in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especlly those who are or who may become pregnant, and children should avoidt where axirons applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or incas
rubio talk about the fact that one of them was from florida. there are people from all around the world that have been drawn to al qaeda in syria and are now attempting to create this calafate. this radical islamic state that takes part of syria and part of iraq. take northern africa. al qaeda is now in egypt. the united states was disengaged and uninvolved in libya in the aftermath of the removal of qualify and al qaeda strength. al qaeda and its affiliates have spread throughout north africa. into the subis you is aharrah. they are growing in east africa. the last three plots were all launched from ray man. iraq itself, the decision not to leave a residual force is a big mistake. the president said he wanted one, he sent vice president biden and negotiated, which was a mistake. the president needed to negotiate it. it it did not come together. and in large measure because of two things, one the president low balled the number of troops less than the military wanted, less than the iraqis wanted. and, second of all, he required parliamentary approval of the status of forces agreement wh
to florida. win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. >>> welcome back to "hardball." they have been coming out of the woodwork, the same people who sold the iraq war in 2001, 2002 and 2003 are banging the drum for intervention with zero shame, clueless that their opinion is discredited. last night on fox news meghan kelly gave a wind up on a question to dick cheney that should have flattened him at the start. >> in your op-ed you write, "rarely has a u.s. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many." but time and time again history has proven that you got it wrong in iraq, sir. you said there was no doubt hussein had weapons of mass destruction, we would be greeted as liberators, the insurgency was in the last throes in 2005. you said extremists would have to, "rethink their strategy of jihad." now with almost a trillion dollars spent there, 4,500 americans lives lost there, what do you say to those who sa
-schooled and bicoastal, splitting her time between florida where her coach lives and home in san francisco where she plays golf with her dad. >> can your dad beat you? >> no. >> reporter: she follows prod dis, tiger woods showed off his golf skills at 2. michelle wei did so at 13 and now she's 24. >> it's a memory that will last her a lifetime. >> reporter: as any weekend hacker can tell you, golf is not child's play. these campers at chelsea pier knows it takes a lot of work. jonathan ho is 11. how do you know if you've hit it just perfectly? >> if it goes where you want it to go. >> reporter: li's done that a lot this year, winning her age group at a putt and chip championship trouncing the field by seven shots and now this. though some on the tour have complained three-time open champ anka sorenstam is a fan. >> keep in mind that this game is between the ears and seems to have a lot up will. >> reporter: li shot a 74 eight over par today. >> i'm happy with the way i played. need to get rid of the big numbers. >> reporter: but she won't go back to the practice green. what's your plan for the rest
. >>> next tonight here, inside the lottery ticket investigation in florida. store owners winning big prizes again and again, so how do you know if they're telling you the truth when they tell you your ticket didn't win. here's abc's matt gutman teaming up with the team at wscs tonight. >> reporter: tonight the floor lottery arresting four, including these two women here in south florida in just the past 48 hours, part of a sweeping investigation of nearly 100 florida retailers for possible lottery fraud. that after discovering that of the top ten winners in the tampa bay area, nine were convenient store owners. retailers like this man who have won dozens of jack pots, including six in a single day. he has not been charged with a crime. and others. >> you've won 38 times for $50,000? >> in four years maybe. >> how much money have you put into it, do you think? >> maybe 60 or 70? >> reporter: florida lottery zipped out a batch of psas. >> the next time you play we encourage you to sign your ticket immediately upon purchase. >> reporter: encouraging people to sign their tickets to no one else
, the judiciary, paul g. byron of florida to be united states district judge for the middle district of florida. mr. reid: i send a cloture motion to the desk. the presiding officer: the clerk will report the cloture motion. the clerk: cloture motion, we, the undersigned senators, in accordance with the provisions of rule 22 of the standing rules of the senate move to bring to a close debate on the nomination of paul g. byron of florida to be united states district judge for the middle district of florida, signed by 17 senators. mr. reid: i ask consent the mandatory quorum be waived. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: i move to proceed to legislative session. the presiding officer: the question is on the motion. all those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes appear to have it. the motion is agreed to. mr. reid: you move to proceed to executive session to consider calendar number 780. the presiding officer: the question is on the motion. all in favor say aye. opposed no. the ayes appear to have it. the motion is agreed to. the clerk will report the nomination. the clerk
its jurisdiction in the 2009 administrative case ofccp versus florida hospital of orlando. ofccp argued that the hospital was a federal subcontractor by virtue of its participation as a provider in tricare network of providers. the agency took this troubling position despite the fact that the department of defense, which regulates tricare, previously concluded, and i quote, madam chair, it would be impossible to achieve the tricare mission of providing affordable health care for our nation's active duty and retired military members and their families if contracting rules were applied to the more than 500,000 tricare providers in the united states, end quote. unfortunately, the administrative law judge and the case did not heed d.o.d.'s warning and failed to see this policy change for what it is, expansion of government power over the health care sector. congress opposed this overreach in 2012 national defense authorization act collar fide that a network provider is not a federal contractor or subcontractor. as chairman of the subcommittee on work force protections, i'm deeply con
christie, louisiana governor bobby jindal, texas center ted cruz and florida senator marco rub yo who suggested economic recovery of the traditional family. >> the single greatest contributor to economic underperformance is the breakdown of families. >> reporter: cruz hammered the obama administration for trying to force the little sisters of the poor religious order run by pro life catholic nuns to add abortion services to the health care they provide employees. >> if you're litigating against nuns, you've probably done something wrong. >> reporter: mike lee, the first tea party candidate to oust an incumbent in the rebellion not running for president nor up for reelection this year, summed up the obama agenda this way. >> this denies the sanctity of life. it rejects the inviable human right to live, according to one's religious convictions. and is utterly blind to the moral and economic consequences of our nation's growing marriage crisis. >> reporter: republicans have argued about the political value of emphasizing social issues since the '80s. the current debate will run into the
credible evidence supporting his charge. now this case was about a florida man, michael clark, who accused the irs of issuing a summons against him and business partners for resisting audit. they alleged harassment by the irs when they did not agree to a third extension of an audit. they already agreed to two extensions, they just didn't agree to a third one when the thing was dragging out. clark and partners wanted to question irs agents about the motives. the district court denied request saying charge of harassment was conjecture and they had no evidence to support the charge. so it issued, allowed the summons to be enforced. federal appeals court overruled that, overturned that, but the high court today siding with the district courts, gerri. gerri: peter, do you think this is reasonable? or negative for taxpayers? >> it reinforces the right of taxpayers to challenge the summons, and at a minimum, perhaps the silver lining here is that the court's ruling, the high court's ruling will give taxpayers a better road map for challenging a summons from the irs, and could make it harder for t
you can trust. >> and in pretenders tonight, washed up, marco rubio, the florida senator has gone off the deep end. rubio says president obama's time in office, well, it's done. >> i saw a commentator today say that these polls what they reflect is that the obama presidency is over, and i agree with that. i think it is in sdren ral. rubio quoting the media. interesting. rubio tried his best to water down president obama's legacy, didn't he? >> whether it's foreign policy or the issue on the border or the va or the irs losing its emails or benghazi before that, it seems like every day now every other day there is a new crisis almost like we're overwhelmed by the number of crisis and conflicts that are arising as a result of the incompetence and in some instance, the design of this administration. >> oh, yes, manufactured crisis. i hate to rain on rube iorubio' parade, but he is drowning in misinformation. rubio is one president behind when it comes to the foreign policy problem, don't you think? obama is bringing terrorists to justice and bringing the troops home. turmoil at the border
wasn't comfortable continuing with the flight. no one was hurt here. >>> also, from florida's west coast, real scare for a motorcyclist. he slammed into a car an was catapulted into the air. take a look. this video was captured by a traffic camera in clearwater. police say the motorcycle rider made an improper left turn as another car came speeding through the intersection. motorcycli motorcyclist, who was not wearing a helmet, walked away unharmed. >> like nothing happened. >> wow. >>> a texas mother is in jail after police say she let six children ride on the hood and trunk of her car after a day of swimming tuesday. four of the children were sent to the hospital after they were thrown off that moving car. police say she and another mom let their kids ride on top of the cars so they wouldn't get the seats wet. witnesses saw emts working, treating one victim. >> from what i saw, i never saw her move. they had to do everything to get her on the stretcher and everything like that, so, it was really -- really scary. >> one of the children is still in the hospital with a serious head
a driver in stuart, florida. the woman got out to hear the officer's more clearly that's when her three dogs rush over to protect her. the officer is recovering from several bites. the dog's owner was cited by animal control. >> a car slams into a home in washington state and police say the driver was high on drugs. luckily no one was home at the time of the crash. police say the car drove right through the front doors of this home and almost made the through the other side. the driver was rescued from car window and taken to the hospital where he's expected to be okay. police believe speed and impairment from a drug cocktail called spice caused the crash. >> just goes to show that drugs affect different people different ways, that they don't, you know, they don't know if they're over doing or not doing enough and then they get behind the wheel so it's just -- it's a tragic thing. >> the national institute on drug abuse describes spice as a wide variety of herbal mixtures that produces a high similar to marijuana. >>> president obama presents the medal of honor to man who took a grenade
island, the commonwealth of massachusetts, the state of florida, the state of north carolina, every coastal area, the gulf coast, et cetera, all critical to the country, to our productivity, to our commerce, to the livelihood of so many americans. and we're looking also at investments in the national science foundation. fully funding, for example, the request for the s-corps programs nearly $100 million. this is critical for many reasons, particularly to make that connection between academic institutions to business enterprises and to economic development. the bill also supports with respect to our criminal justice system $376 million for byrne justice assistance grants and $181 million for cops hiring grants, actually putting police officers on the street, increasing our ability to deal with crime, making our communities more livable. and this is absolutely critical. and we look at the agriculture appropriations bill, and i want to thank senator pryor because today agriculture includes aqua culture, the commercial growing, if you will, of shellfish and other seafood products. and a
objection? the house ction -- ill be in order. for what purpose does the gentlewoman from florida seek recognition? ms. wasserman schultz: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise with many of the women of the house, both republican and democrat, the members of the congressional women's softball team, to share with our colleagues that last night at the sixth annual congressional women's softball game the members beat the press nd took back the trophy. now, unbelievably -- unbelievably, the press seems to be absent in -- they want to cover us on everything else but seem to be absent in observing these proceedings. we are so proud to report to you that we didn't just beat them we beat them badly, 10-5, and we were able to raise the most that we've ever raised for the young survivor coalition which in total for the last six years we raised almost -- we raised just over $500,000 for the young survival coalition which helps raise awareness and help young women who are facing breast cancer. i know all of you know by now that i am a breast cancer survivor myself. was diagnosed at 41. so this is so pers
. pick a tie. take a break with mr. duck. practice up for the business trip. fly to florida. win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. >> we were told earlier with great fanfare that there was going to be a huge dynamite blast on this peak in northern chile. they were going to blow the top off this mountain. the world's biggest optical telescope. you just saw that giant blast right there. so much for that. >> in fairness, it probably was a large blast. probably just overwhelmed by the size of the mountain. everyone watching should know this is really an economic indicator itself. this blast, this project by the european southern observatory, i think it was, was put off in 2012 because of the recession, there was no funding at the time because of the european financial crisis. >> they did crowd funding to get dynamite. apparently they still didn't get enough dynamite. that was it. >> sharper or more advanced than the hubble t
a tie. take a break with mr. duck. practice up for the business trip. fly to florida. win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. >>> juster a short time ago president obama awarded the medal or honor to an afghanistan war veteran, man who used his body as a shield to protect another marine from a grenade blast. the explosion seriously wounded corporal kyle carpenter, shattered his jaw, tore out his right eye. >> we're here because this man, this united states marine, faced down that terrible explosive power, that up forgiving force, with his own body. willingly and deliberately. to protect a fellow marine. >> corporal carpenter is now the eighth living rye rye sendent for -- -- >> lancer corporation principal carpenter said his unit was defending their post from enemy attack. he and another ma -- marine were on a rooftop, protect it by a pile of sand bags. the least thing he remembers is them laying on their backs talk
. practice up for the business trip. fly to florida. win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. >>> house republicans have just elected kevin market carthy as their new majority leader. he replaces eric cantor. does this vote change the gop? as our buddy jake sherman set it up, this leadership vote was an audition to fail. let's run through all this. angela, tell us about kevin mccarthy and what's going to change in the house. >> well, hopefully immigration. and by that, i mean there is the only potential that immigration reform has now is the fact that kevin mccarthy, as the new majority leader, is from a district in bakersville, california, that has 35% latino workers, latino population and even larger group of workers. and businesses who have told him repeatedly that they rely heavily on these migrant workers. in addition to that, he is well known for his relationship with silicone valley, being the bridge from the gop to t
: the senator from florida. mr. rubio: madam president, i ask unanimous consent that i be recognized to speak as if in morning business. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. rubio: thank you, madam president. and we all continue to follow the events in iraq that have significant national security implications for the united states now and in the years to come. the president spoke on this issue a few moments ago and i wanted to share a few thoughts before we returned to our states for the next few days and then come back to washington early next week and continue our work. the first thing i'd like to say about this issue of iraq is while i certainly respect those members that have served in this body, those commentate commentators who served in government and are now out, and have strong opinions with regard to the past, i hope what we spend the majority of our time in this process is focused on what is before us now and what lies ahead. that doesn't mean there shouldn't be a debate about the decisions made in 2003 and beyond. those are important debates dwa debates to have because we
mccarthy. he says jeff miller of florida, granger of texas, and another tweak that tom graves of georgia, and one more, just outside that meeting room, whistles and claps heard from inside 1100 longworth where gop members are deciding leadership elections. some reporters say we may hear the vote by 2:45. we will take you to the news conference earlier today. she talked a little bit about the gop elections and about the comments the president would make later, and did make at about 1:15 on iraq. >> good morning. everyone rested up after the ballgame last night? congratulations to sportsmanship. yesterday we appointed conferees to vote on the veterans bill, the various veterans bills, the senate bill and the two house bills. chairman jeff miller's bill. as we go to conference, it would probably have been cleaner if we could have just taken up the senate bill, sent it to the president, and gone down that path. the conference does afford us the opportunity, though, to make clear as we would on the debate in any event, that while we need some emergency assistance for health care, for our vete
. melissa: let me tell you why you should be a against the gas tax. >> i drive from new york to florida and i go on a federal highway system, right? that means i'm using-- this is something to defray the costs of me driving on the federal highway. melissa: but we are punishing people for working. we are punishing people who are buying things-- >> it support what we are using. melissa: it's incredibly regressive to get working people trying to get to work and it taxes-- everyone pays 12 cents-- 12 cents mean something. >> we could get private financing in here and we could do congestive pricing and let the states to move the money they've-- >> do you really think private equity will bail this out? melissa: i think they would be happy to buy a highway they could put a toll on to read. >> i'm sure private equity would love that, but there are certain things i don't trust to private equity. melissa: what? who are you? you like the government doing roads better? >> do you want steve schwartzman running the fire department? melissa: police and defense is different. but come i think roads-- i
and immigrants. out of miami florida, aj delgado a writer, activist and contributor to the compassional review. and from college station texas, jose luis, he is originally from honduras and crossed the border as an unaccompanied minor in 2000. thanks to awful you for joining us. linda you are in texas where this issue is there ofoegbu topic every day. did anyone see this coming . >> i assume it did since it happened two years ago when it had to be opened for the surge that year, i am not sure what happened since we never heard anything about it last year. it's a bit of a mystery . >> in 2012 there was a huge certainly is he border. you were actually there, weren't you? >> i was. in 2012 i was one of two attorneys that actually went there and interviewed several of the children. even then there was no real explanation other than the explanation that we hear now that children are fleeing their countries and in some sway unifying with their parents here. it doesn't explain the astronomical number of 60,000 that they anticipated this year, which was what they used as the number last year for this
purpose does the gentleman from florida seek recognition? the gentleman from florida is recognized. birlbirl thank you, mr. speaker -- mr. bilirakis: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i rise to ask for the collective prayers for -- of this chamber to help bring my constituents back home to tarpon springs, florida. robert maine, james kelly garrett, devon butler, nick cook and steve, and also michael maine are the crew of the ock with aquest, a boat company hired to teach locals in honduras how to safely scuba dive. on a quest to do good, these men have been illegally detained without benefit of due process for 44 days and have spent several, as i said, several weeks in a delap dated hon douran jail, -- honduren jail, living in unacceptable conditions. together with my colleague, congressman mike fitzpatrick, we urged the state department and hon douran officials to work toward a quick resolution, to free these men so that they may return to the loving arms of their families. your prayers are appreciated and i have confidence that we'll bring them home. thank you, mr. speaker. i
get a letter from carol in illinois and hollywood, florida, does it start to accumulate somewhere, where somebody reasonbly high up the food chain knew they had a problem of a similar sort with vehicles up the product range? >> there are plenty of opportunities for information like that to pool up. you have to understand the proper handling of that information and the tracking of it has to do with the tread act that was passed, you know, in the early 2000. in the aftermath of the ford explorer firestone tire recall and all of those cases. one of the things of the doj, whether or not there was criminal activity in purposefully letting that information pool up in a way that it wasn't acted upon properly. i've watched this company closely for 30 years, and i am in full agreement with the investigator who said it was the culture of the arms folded and the nod, and that nobody at general motors--believe me, the same thing existed at ford. but it is absolutely true that delivering bad news has gotten you nowhere at general motors. there is that culture. there was a contributing factor t
from florida. >> thank you. i think it's heartening america is moving forward to tackle the challenges of the changing climate and carbon pollution. we are already making great progress when it comes to the cars we drive. and fuel efficiency. we have reduced emissions substantially and put money back into the pockets of american families. that's been very positive. then look at what's happened with the appliances in our homes. they are more efficient than ever. we can do even better. the building codes are better. the new technology is out there. you can control with your smart phone what is going on in your own home and save money that way. again, the new technology is improved by leaps and bounds. this is part of the american ingenuity. we'll bring that to tackling carbon pollution from the largest emitters. back home, all i have to do is look around the tampa bay area on top of the huge ikea store. we've got large solar rays they are saving on their electric bills. the largest beer distributor in the area has a major warehouse. they said this makes sense for us to put solar panels o
money needs an ally. >>> a missing florida teen found with a man who led police on a high-speed chase in louisiana. the police noticed the girl stabbed in the back of his car and she is in critical condition. a police officer gets attacked by three dogs after pulling over a truck driver to speeding. he managed to run away but not before getting bit three times by the dogs. his injuries are not considered serious. and more dash cam drama with a police officer caught on tape jumping into a revene to save a man n burning truck. >>> so there is a new twist in the case of lois lerner's disappearing e-mails. first congressional investigators looking into the irs targeting scandal are told two years worth of her e-mails are lost in the crash. a report that her hard drive was recycled and the e-mails maybe gone forever. where do we go from here? we have our guest here, nina, from the daily caller. you have her hard drive being recycled in 2011 which this inappropriate investigation of some tea party and conservative groups was at its peak. >> that is right, jon. darrell issa had it right sayi
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then started a fire in the building which was destroyed. >> in southwest florida a mother is facing abuse chargers after police say she branded her two children. police arrested kayla oxenham. our sister station in ft. myers reports the children told police their mother burned them on their arms with a hot stick. the kids, 5 and 7 years old, sald their mother told them she'd burn them so they could have ice cream and to identify them as hers. oxenham posted bond and was released from jail. >>> a mom out in california faces charges of child abuse and being under the influence of a controlled substance after leave herg 2-year-old daughter in a vacant field. officials believe the child was left in a stroller at night. a person passing by saw the child. the mother has pleaded not guilty to those charges. >>> in orlando, florida, a robber thought he'd found an easy target. instead he was faced with a feisty 79-year-old army vet who fought back. surveillance video shows the veteran filling up his car at a 7-eleven on saturday morning, then a man jumps from behind the pump and tells him to give
. no one says you have to initiate long positions, but when it is hurricane season in florida, people buy insurance after the hurricane. -- don't you buy it the for? before? having insurance inside makes sense -- insight makes sense. >> your argument is that hedging against or hedging for that sort of event, a pullback, is relatively cheap right now to do. >> absolutely. policiesinsurance against any asset you own, house, jewelry, car, home, why not have insurance against a basket of stocks? being lion the market continues to work. long on the market continues to work. >> let's talk about an individual stocks it's on the move, blackberry. an interesting story reported narrower losses than estimated. people were giving it up for dead. or options traders caught off guard by this? more call activity than put activity. the losses were not as bad. big volume day today, about 40.5 million shares traded. on calls ony long nokia. i think that represents a better opportunity. if blackberry wanted to get bogged, which i think would be there and goal, they probably would have gotten bought already.
citizens have made the trek to fight in syria. last month an american suicide bomber who grew up in florida set off a massive truck bomb at a syrian military checkpoint. syrian jihadists tweeted several photos of the american before he took his life, with bombs strapped to his chest. social media has now become one of the many ways al qaeda recruits westerners to fight alongside radical islamists. both of these men were charged separately. doesn't appear that they were working together. both of them are still being held in custody and they will make their first court appearance friday afternoon in austin, texas. if they're convicted, they face up to 15 years in federal prison. don? >> ed lavandera following the story, thank you very much. still to come on cnn, american apparel ceo dov charney is out among allegations of misconduct. >> i've never assaulted anybody in my entire life. >> but did he get the boot because of bad behavior or the company's falling stock? ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes
downturn in the economy. elizabeth, fort lauderdale florida. first of all, whenever i hear everyone talking about the jobs, whether there is job loss or job creation, they never get into specifics. i live in florida. there are a lot of small businesses down here. republicans classifies small businesses 500 people or above. most of the jobs down here are , service sector, i am an editor. i went to college. i disagree with the last caller. i did try getting my hands dirty all of that back to back. this is the worst economy i have ever seen or dreamed of. when i was a kid, i never thought i would have this kind of dilemma and nothing is being done about it. these immigrants that come here, they are not picking tomatoes anymore. they are taking jobs. host: are you employed? caller: i am a part-time worker. guest: that is an interesting trend. it is such a big issue for people. the economy may be creating jobs, it is not creating the good jobs people want to see. as long as that is the case, a lot of people will feel like elizabeth does. the economy is not right and it is not working for them. -
. 103 in phoenix, i should say. 82 in los angeles. and our friends in central and southern florida are looking for a real wet day today. we're going to get to looking fr a real wet day today. we will get to your local forecast coming up. also known as the world's least important ceo. which is precisely why we tied him to this high-speed train. at quirky, our products are invented by real people who submit their ideas to our website. so whether our ceo makes it or not, quirky will continue to invent incredible new things. products invented by real people like you. quirky. >>> 7:15 now. good thursday morning. we have some wind change to tell you about. wind thousand coming off of the pacific ocean, we will see cooling at the immediate coastline. elsewhere temperatures today will be just about as warm as where we ended up yesterday. 84 on the way to the south bay. 88 in the east bay. 68 for san francisco. today with a little bit of cloud cover over the gold engate bridge. >>> now to the next step in the recovery of six-time olympic gold medalist amy van dyken rouen. two weeks after he
: outside of die-hard soccer fans graham zusi is largely unknown. but the florida native has won at the highest level and has played some of his best soccer when the lights have been brightest. he won two national championships at the university of maryland, scoring the winning goal for the terrapins in a 2008 title game. after college, he joined sporting k.c. major league soccer team based in kansas city. last year he was voted mvp of this team and led the club to the 2013 mls cup. not bad for a guy who considers himself a rugged player. >> i'm kind of that blue collar midfielder. i'm not always someone who is on the end of things, scoring the goals. but, more so the guy setting up the forwards. >> see if they can do it. and there he is. oh yes! >> reporter: leading up to the world cup zusi created plenty of goals for the u.s. national team. it even sparked one sport's blog to dub zusi america's silent weapon. not only for his skill, but humility. >> i'm not the most popular person or someone who enjoys being in the limelight, if you will. i like to think i
from idaho. who says cantor's defeat shows voter florida has executed a man who killed his wife and her young son in 1985. it was the third execution in less than 24 hours since a botched lethal injection in oklahoma. 63-year-old john ruthell henry was convicted and sentenced for the deadly stabbing of his wife suzanne. he was also convicted of stabbing suzanne's five year old son hours after her murder. for four weekends this summer. the world's crooked-est street will be closed off. kron 4's vicki liviakis takes us there, just days before the shut-down. this weekend the lombard street traffic will be squeezed to cripple. this city is banning traffic along the city's stretch of lombard between the city's peak tourist season only residents will be allowed much to this man's relief. this couple from boston was sympathetic to the mavericks. pedestrians will be fermented but that will even be a little crowded. tours of lighting up for one last zero ride on the curfew street. the shed ballast that this weekend and continue every weekend through july. it's that time of year. to find the sono
%, louisiana 50%, florida 48%, pennsylvania 25%, arizona 45%, oklahoma 40%, illinois 20%, new york, 49%. alabama 24%, arkansas 46%. what's glaring about this list, and that's the top 10 states, the state with the greatest population base and the state with the largest environmental problems, at least in the los angeles basin, the golden gate state of california is not even on the top 10 list. and they're the number one state in terms of population. so i could go on and on, mr. chairman, but i've only got 29 seconds. simply, let me say that we have great respect for the epa. i voted for the clean air act amendments in the early '90s. this proposal does not comport with my understanding of what the clean air act amendments were when we passed them in this committee over 20 years ago. with that, i would yield back to the chairman. >> the gentleman yields back, and at this time recognize the gentleman from chicago, ranking member mr. rush, for his five-minute opening >> i want to thank you, mr. chairman, for this important hearing on the epa's clean power rules. as part of president obama'
broncos and is now the president of ker wing house restaurant chain in florida. forr, thanks so much joining -- crawford, thanks so much for joining us. we have a photo up of your playing days. do you think the redskins should change the name? is going toan snyer dig his heels and quite a bit but public outcry will make him change it. >> why do you think you will dig his heels? >> well, he always said he is going to find it and he is not going to change the name, but with all the stuff with the patent and all the legal stuff, i think the nfl will kind of coax him to change the name. thatthink it also shows there is a changing time here. you have the don sterling controversy and what that did do but the nba,team essentially highlighting that league. do you think this is the same parallel with the nfl and how they affect or change with the times? -- have got to change with the times? >> yes, i think with the media, the indianapolis colts owner, who got the dui, they have got to punish them like they have been doing with players all along. what is good for the goose is good for the gand
south florida particularly is dealing today with sea level rise as it impacts of salt water intrusion in coastal areas, a drainage systems that are critical to the overall well-being of many of the coastal communities in south florida. so today's sea level rise is, indeed, an issue in our state. just as it is in a number of other states. >> thank you. i know the technological change can occur. the obsolete delivery of milk. the fact that there were not more milkman was an absence of jobs created to revolutionize the way in which that industry operated from the beginning of time, and we have to embrace that it is obvious. >> senator. >> first of all, we keep talking about the clean air act amendments. i want everyone to no, not only did i vote for them, but i was an original cosponsor, and they worked. that was dealing with real pollutants, never meant to deal with carbon dioxide. i think we all understand that. you could actually use that as an argument against going into regulating something that most of us did not believe is a pollutant. we will make that argument. i think that this
to go -- maliki government has to go. what are your thoughts? bertha in florida. democratic caller. caller: good morning. republicansts and understand -- what happens in this country is going to affect everybody. we know that the problem is that bush started this war and they have the prejudice to blame the president instead of admitting what we should have never gone there. this is a tribal country. we will never solve their problems. our air, landtect and sea. host: in your opinion, we should do nothing? caller: we should protect our american people in baghdad. veterans thatany are out of work. of not make them part homeland security to protect our air, land and sea? we don't need to be in another country to protect this country. we have spent too much money, too many lives. we need to come home and protect our country. take a look at the reaction up on capitol hill on twitter yesterday. theator rand paul -- " president is wrong and i will oppose him. he needs to come to congress." menendez -- "we must consider our national security interests in deciding how we s."nter isi bernie
of conflicts fought and number of refugees since 2008. >>> a florida woman stands accused right now of branding her two young children. 23-year-old kayla oxenham has been charged with child abuse. she's accused of burning her kids, ages 5 and 7, with a lighter and a stick. now, oxenham, a medical assistant, apparently told her children that she "forgot how much she loved fire" and thought the brands would help identify them as hers. she is currently out of jail on bond. >>> in one washington state town there's a problem with a drug called spice, or synthetic marijuana. the latest case, a 19-year-old man allegedly high on spice slamming his car into a vancouver home on wednesday. massive structural damage resulted there. luckily, the occupants of the house were reportedly away on vacation. local police saying this is the second spice-related car crash of the week. it's not even over yet. >>> the national guard and red cross are helping a small town in south dakota that was. wexington springs. so far no fatalities have been reported. bill karens -- >> it's amazing no injuries, no fatalities. hope
on the product about the results so far inconclusive. florida has executed a man who killed his wife and her young son in 1985. it was the third execution in less than 24 hours cents a botched lethal injection oklahoma. a 63 era was sentence for the deadly stabbing of his wife suzanne he was also convicted of stabbing to death five year- old son hours after murdering her. time now [bl ri] abouyournsurce,bause wh youon' you arte e n hu you and at pkingear stre wh youon' e fit mp ders ieveith e [annncercall-800arme,u ansee w mu yououldave. fo wholesomerain sur. oy six? sigrams of sar? fo wholesomerain cellent, dicious... and mmy! hoy bunches oats. cellent, dicious... tasty! mmy! yeah, citi mobile. pay the dog sitter? cellent, dicious... and deposit that check? citi mobile. pack your bathing suit? wearing it. niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. heat shields are compromised. we what's that alarm?ures. fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to
angeles, showers in the pacific northwest and our friends in central and southern florida are looking for a real wet day today. we'll get to your this is ben kaufman, founder of quirky. also known as the world's least important ceo. which is precisely why we tied him to this high-speed train. at quirky, our products are invented by real people who submit their ideas to our website. so whether our ceo makes it or not, quirky will continue to invent incredible new things. products invented by real people like you. quirky. >>> good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. keep an umbrella handy, more showers and possibly even a thunderstorm this afternoon. before they get here, we'll get some breaks of sunshine. and overall a cooler day today. highs in upper 70s and low 80s. and really nice weather for friday. clears out tonight, sunshine, less humid condition, 83, the high temperature. a chance of scattered showers saturday. sunday, nice, low humidity. a bit warmer on monday and tuesday. have a great day. >>> now to the next step in the recovery of six-time olympic gold medalist amy van
clients to the u.s., particularly to florida real estate. >> i was in bahamas a couple months ago and that is a huge business, brazilian money going to the bahamas. that is where it wants to live and it is getting funneled to the u.s. >> yeah, and miami as well. >> orlando, new york now. like a lot of professional athlete types with the onset today. >> none of my doing. >> i remember you talking about wanting to set up a show where you are surrounded by -- >> big, brawny men? sure, bring it on. >> that is why you are with tom keene. >> the original. 8:00he loop" begins at a.m. did you notice on facebook yesterday? there was an outage. >> los angeles dodgers, no-hitter for those of us on the east coast. >> how often do those happen? >> more than you think is the answer. >> scarlet fu, the detail. >> our twitter question of the day, we have got to get to that. >> good morning, everyone. "bloomberg surveillance." coming up tomorrow, neera tanden from the center for american progress. television in the 7:00 a.m. hour. >> our guest host for the hour, john borthwick ceo and founder of b
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